Teaching Focus & Philosophy

I have experience teaching a variety of audiences (e.g., business students, law students, practitioners). I am well prepared to teach courses and lead workshops on organizational behavior and human resource management, as well as more specific subjects such as leadership, teams, creativity, conflict, and negotiations.


My experiences have helped me develop four broad principles that guide my approach to teaching:

  1. Effective teaching is not about imparting facts, but about helping students develop the capacity to learn and apply relevant knowledge on their own

  2. The role of instructors in academia is to translate research-based knowledge for non-academic audiences

  3. Teaching is a science as much as it is an art and thus requires evidence-based-action and experimentation

  4. Teaching is about connecting with students. Students are not identical; they are individuals, with needs, fears, and dreams. 

Recent Teaching Experience

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Kenan-Flagler School of Business

“Leading and Managing in Organizations”


Spring 2019 (4.4/5; 4.3/5)

Fall 2019 (4.4/5; 4.3/5)

“Groups and Teams in Organizations”


Fall 2019 (4.5/5)

Spring 2020 (4.75/5)

Fall 2020 (4.35/5)

New York University, Stern School of Business

“Management & Organizations”


Fall 2016: (6.2/7; 6.4/7)

Fall 2018: (6.2/7)

University of Maryland, Smith School of Business

“Managing People & Organizations”


Summer 2014 (3.56/4)

Spring 2014 (2.74/4)

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